Terms of use for participant reviews

1. General

1.1 Approval of rules & ownership

You who submit an assessment hereby approve the following terms and conditions and are responsible for their application and compliance. New functions or phenomena may require the rules to change and then you are responsible for visiting the collection of rules to be notified of updates.

When you submit a review, you give Assedon AB an exclusive ownership right to use, store and provide the review and to, if necessary, move, edit or remove it in accordance with our rules. This right also applies if you want to delete or regret your judgment at a later time.

1.2 Discharge

To the extent permitted by applicable law, we disclaim warranties and obligations that may be linked to our website. We maintain the right to act on the basis of the following set of rules, but waive the obligation to act.

1.3 Data collection

In connection with a review being submitted, you agree that your e-mail will be saved in order to be able to verify, if necessary, that you have joined the service with the provider concerned. If you want this information removed from our database, contact fred@assedon.se. This also means that the judgment will be removed. Your email will not be used for any other purpose.

2. To leave a review

2.1 Who may submit an opinion

Only you as a private person, who participates or has participated in a matching service designated by the Swedish Public Employment Service have the right to post a review on our website. No other private individual, company or other legal entity has permission to submit an opinion. By submitting an opinion, you are personally responsible for ensuring that the above requirements are met

2.2 The right judgment in the right place

You are responsible for ensuring that you write your opinion on the correct service, office and supplier. Suspicion of incorrectly placed judgment can lead to it being removed immediately.

2.3 An assessment per person, decision and position applies

One person is only allowed to submit one assessment per participant for the decided period. Under no circumstances is it permitted to submit several assessments for the same participation period for the same position. It is of course okay to submit a new assessment if you participate in the same service with the same or another supplier if it happens on two different occasions during two different decisions from the Swedish Public Employment Service.

2.4 Assessment by proxy is only approved for special reasons

Writing a review for a participant is only approved if there are special reasons why the participant can not do it himself. For example. does not have sufficient computer skills, is disabled or for some other reason cannot use the service. The person writing the assessment should then be an impartial individual in the context and not have a vested interest in influencing or reformulating the participant's assessment.

2.5 The review should reflect the personal experience

We accept that suppliers encourage their participants to submit an opinion, but instructions on how to formulate it are strictly prohibited. The provider who encourages its participants to submit reviews should do so to all participants and not be selective in their choice. All criticism must be objectively justified and represent the impartial experience of the participant. The more negative the assessment, the clearer the assessment must be justified.

2.6 Advertising or discredit

Reviews may not be used for the purpose of advertising or discrediting a particular supplier, other business or website. This is especially true if the reviewer is connected to, acts at the request / assignment of, or has received / will receive some form of compensation (eg cash, gift cards, discounts, goods, lotteries, etc.) from companies connected to the relevant the supplier (in case of suspicion of advertising) or companies linked to competing activities (in case of suspicion of discredit). This rule also applies to assessments whose claims (in Assedon AB's assessment) are obvious, can reasonably only be, or are demonstrably incorrect and as a result risk damaging a company.

3. The design of the review

3.1 Encourage, argue and give constructive criticism

A nurtured language and pleasant behavior increases the value in your review, both for other jobseekers but also for the providers. We generally do not allow reviews that contain profanity, swear words or the like. Nor are posts that are (or probably can be perceived as) generally unpleasant, sarcastic, sarcastic, offensive or whose content is completely irrelevant in the context.

3.2 Behavior cared for, pleasant and objective

Personal attacks, insults, derogatory comments, insults, incitement against ethnic groups, criticism of entire social / professional groups and other types of attacks are not allowed, neither in reviews nor on office pages. This applies in particular (but not exclusively) to allusions to gender, race, religion, religious beliefs, national or ethnic origin, degree of education, sexual orientation, disability or developmental disability. The rule applies regardless of the name or paraphrase used and regardless of whether it is delivered directly or as an insulting hint, disguised accusation and subversion.

3.3 Personal attacks & Insinuations are not allowed

Note that incitement against ethnic groups is not only a violation of the rule but also a serious offense that includes 'statements expressing contempt for a group of people with allusions to race, color, national or ethnic origin, creed or sexual orientation'

3.4 State your opinion with respect

Reviews that are or bear clear signs of being intended to embarrass, insult, ridicule, make fun of or ridicule people or suppliers (which includes their opinions, statements, problems, etc.) are not permitted. The rule applies regardless of the name or paraphrase used and regardless of whether it is delivered directly or as an insulting hint, disguised accusation, subterfuge, cock, humor or quote.

3.5 Do not affect your review

'DO NOT SCREAM' in your reviews means that phrases in the review must not consist of capital letters and exclamation marks unless it is absolutely necessary to be able to express or present your review.

3.6 Do not judge other's reviews

Your review may not include comments about other people's reviews. It is not permitted to submit an opinion that criticizes another opinion in any respect.

3.7 Copyrighted material must not be included in the assessment

You may not include in your review anything that is copyrighted material without permission from the copyright holder, either as text or hot-link files via img or media tags. It is also not permitted to link to, or inform about where or how to obtain material, which has been made available without permission.

3.8 Be careful with information and opinions about other participants and suppliers

It is not permitted to publish information about other people's names, social security numbers, telephone numbers, postal addresses, e-mail addresses, vehicle registration numbers, ethnicity, health status, political and religious beliefs, sexual orientation, debts, offenses, police cases, criminal or deprivation sentences, account numbers , order number, invoice number and more, regardless of how the information is presented.

We also do not allow activities or links that circumvent this rule if the purpose seems to be to persecute, scandalize, slander or insult a person.

This rule applies to all users of the website.

3.9 Information concerning employees of suppliers

Reviews regarding suppliers are permitted as long as they do not violate any law or the rules in this document. In the case of company employees, it is not permitted, especially in connection with negative criticism, to publish personal data. Employees' actions are the company's responsibility and if you want to comment on this, you can do so in general terms without directly or indirectly mentioning individuals, for example by the writing company, the job coach, the supplier. If you want to express opinions to the company regarding individuals, you can do this directly via e-mail, telephone calls, etc.

3.10 Special prohibited substances

We do not allow reviews or other activities related to (or that link to websites that market or otherwise promote) party politics, political organizations, religious orientations, religious organizations, activism, activist organizations, pornography, violence, illegal drugs / doping or the use of These are phenomena that involve investing or investing money. Nor are judgments that mention or link to phenomena / materials that many are likely to perceive as offensive, disgusting or derogatory. In addition, we do not allow reviews that we experience lead to other violations. We do not allow reviews, links etc. whose content is about own offenses, presupposes offenses, can lead to offenses or is about how to avoid detection.

4. Retaliation for breach of the rules

4.1 Doubtful or suspicious assessments

Reviews that, according to Assedon, violate, or are suspected of violating, the rules may be removed or hidden and investigated. This also applies to judgments that are judged to be (or obviously are) unreasonable, unserious or created for the purpose of ridicule, provoke or mislead. Depending on the circumstances, an inquiry or request is sometimes sent to the person who provided the assessment. In the absence of an answer or action, the judgment remains hidden, or is hidden if this has not been done before

4.2 If you break the rules yourself

If you break any rule or contradict a warning or request from an administrator, the result may be that your review, without warning, is removed immediately. In the event of serious offenses or if you have systematically broken the rules, you as a person or provider may be suspended for all time to come. If you are warned or suspended, you will be contacted about this.

4.3 If anyone else breaks the rules

If you believe or suspect that another user on the website is violating the rules or otherwise behaving badly, you can report this. Registration is done by sending an e-mail to fred@assedon.se.

Be clear in your description by describing what is meant, which rule you think it violates and in what way. It is therefore not allowed: to talk about how others should formulate themselves or what they may and may not think; to decide what may be published, where this may take place or for how long; to take on the role of moderator of the website in another way.

It is not permitted to prompt another user to repeat or continue a behavior that you yourself have been warned or suspended from. Users who act (or are suspected of acting in this way) may be suspended