A service that improves the flow for jobseekers and suppliers.

Why does matchningskollen exist?

In May 2020, the National Audit Office released its review report 'support and matching - a system of freedom of choice for jobseekers'. In the survey, 2542 previous participants in support and matchning to the question 'Would any of the following have made it easier for you to make a good choice supplier'? 66% answered that better opportunities to compare providers and their skills had helped. 62% thought that information about what other participants thought about the providers had also helped.

The National Audit Office's audit report (PDF)

Today, jobseekers can access the Swedish Public Employment Service's search service and suppliers' ratings to make a well-informed choice. However, there is no platform for collecting and taking part in participant assessments which, unlike the authority, can also prioritize being a pure service body vis-à-vis both jobseekers and suppliers. That's why we created matchningskollen.

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What is the matchningskollen?

Matchingskollen is a comparison site that helps jobseekers find suppliers of matching services designated by the Swedish Public Employment Service. The website offers updated information about different services as well as a flexible way to search, compare and choose a provider of e.g. support and matching or prepare and match. Unique to the website is also the opportunity to take part in and submit reviews about providers.

For providers of matching services, the website is an opportunity to a greater extent do marketing and inform its target group about its skills and services and thus increase its chances of being chosen as a provider.

Matchningskollen is also a distribution platform for other digital services from the company behind the website.

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Who is creator of matchningskollen?

Matchningskollen is a private initiative of the company Assedon AB. Assedon is a tech startup that works with digitization and innovations in the labor market.

The company focuses mainly on complementary actors to the employment service, but also runs projects within digital study and career guidance for the school.

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What is the goal of matchningskollen?

Matching actors today have very limited opportunities to be seen and showcase their services to jobseekers. In a reform of the authority with a larger proportion of employment services managed by private companies, new ways are needed for jobseekers and providers to be matched.

In connection with support and matching also being transferred to prepare and match, the rating disappears, at least initially. Then only a function remains as participant assessments to evaluate providers.

In this way, Matchningskollen wants to be a natural gathering place for the two parties, where competence, quality and results clearly permeate each jobseeker's decision on provider.

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