Support and matching (STOM)

For you who can work, but who need more support to get out of your unemployment.

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What is Support and Matching?

Support and matching is for you who have the opportunity to work, but who need extra support in your job search. Together with a job coach at one of many matching companies, you get individually tailored support that helps you get a job or start an education. Support and matching are divided into four different tracks. The track you end up in is decided by the Swedish Public Employment Service, and the track affects to some extent which activities your time at the matching company will consist of. In 2021, support and matching will be replaced by another similar service, Prepare and Match. This takes place in different stages with the goal of being completely replaced at the turn of the year 2021/2022.

Read more about prepare and match here.

Who can get a decision on support and matching?

It is the Swedish Public Employment Service that decides whether support and matching is something for you, but you may also wish to join the service. The position is suitable for you who are looking for work and who need extra support to get a job or education. It may be that you may lack a post-secondary education or have difficulty with the Swedish language. At present, the service is available remotely due to current circumstances with Covid-19, this applies until the end of December 2021.

How does support and matching work?

When you are assigned to support and matching, it takes place in periods of 3 months. After the first period, an evaluation is made, if there is still a need for you to join the service, it will be extended for another 3 months. After this second period, it is in some cases possible to make a final extension with a third period, which is also 3 months long.

4 steg till job genom stöd och matchning

What happens during support and matching?

Once you have made your choice of provider, you will, together with a job coach at that company, have an introductory meeting where you develop a plan for how you can find a job or start an education in the fastest way possible.

Your coach may only organize activities that are approved by the Swedish Public Employment Service and that are listed below, and they must be religiously and politically independent.

Map skills, competencies, prerequisites and professional areas

Support in finding and applying for jobs

Support in creating application documents

Follow-up of job applications

Contacts with employers

Introduce yourself to employers with employment needs


Workplace activities

Interview training and preparation for a job interview

Study and career guidance (mandatory)

Information about educations and help with applying for education

Motivating conversation

Group activities

Study visit


Computer training

Language teaching

Social information

Shorter education

Health promotion measures

Schedule during support and matching

Your provider prepares a schedule for you that should extend at least a week ahead in time and contain the activities that are planned with information about where and when the activities take place. The schedule also functions partly as a basis you can use for activity reporting but also as a basis for the Swedish Public Employment Service so that they can see that you receive the support you are entitled to.

How do I search for a supplier via matchningskollen?

Search and find a provider of your matching service by searching, filtering and sorting in the list.

demo bild på hur sök funktionen för stom ser ut

When you have chosen a provider and an office where you want to go to the service, click on 'select provider', and you will receive all the information you need to provide to your administrator at the Swedish Public Employment Service.

demo bild på hur man väljer leverantör och får upp ka-numret

Search and find a support and matching provider by searching and filtering in the list.