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A service that gives you as a supplier powerful tools to be able to develop and be visible in the market.


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What is matchningskollen?

Matchningskollen is a private initiative of the company Assedon AB. The purpose of the website is to improve the conditions for jobseekers to make a well-informed choice of supplier in the so-called law on the system of freedom of choice. Matchningskollen currently offers support for the services: support and matching and prepare and match.

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What is included in the service as a provider?

All providers who are registered with the Swedish Public Employment Service for each service are searchable at matchningskollen. The standard procedure provides basic information about the provider's offices. The information is a copy of the provider specified to the Swedish Public Employment Service.

As an optional and free alternative, you can create an account where the information about the offices can be edited and expanded.

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