Frequently asked questions for matchningskollen

What is matchningskollen?

Matchningskollen is a private initiative by the company Assedon AB. The purpose of the website is to improve the conditions for jobseekers to make a well-informed choice of supplier in the so-called LOV system. The website also intends to act as a service body towards suppliers and offer expanded opportunities for presenting and reporting on its offices and services.

What is support and matching?

Support and matching is for jobseekers who need strengthened and adapted support in their job search. The purpose of support and matching is for them to start working or studying as soon as possible.

What is prepare and match?

Prepare and match is a service for jobseekers who need support to get a job or start studying. Together with independent actors, the Swedish Public Employment Service is testing and developing equipping and matching during 2020 and 2021.

How do I choose a provider?

When you have decided which provider you want to go to, you contact the employment service. The employment service will then ask you for a KA number. You can find this number by clicking 'Select Provider' when you are on a provider's page on matchningskollen. After you have contacted the employment service, you and the provider you have chosen will create a plan for how you can start working or studying as quickly as possible.

What should I keep in mind when choosing?

You choose which of our providers you want. For example, look first and foremost at the provider's ratings but also at their methodology, language, industry knowledge or other specialization when you make your choice. You can also search for which providers we have in your area. Then inform your employment service provider of the provider you have chosen.

What happens if I choose a provider and regret it?

You can change at any time if you feel that the provider you have chosen does not meet your requirements and expectations. Contact the supervisor at the employment service and say that you want to change. You can easily find your new provider here at